Liquid Floor Screed

  • Perfect for use with underfloor heating.
  • Easy installation.
  • Screed pumped directly.

    CemFlo is a high quality cement based liquid floor screed product.  The cementitious pumpable screed is ideally suited for residential and commercial projects.  Its fluid consistency provides a smooth level surface with minimal levelling required.  Designed for interior non-wearing applications it is suitable for use with all types of floor coverings and is perfectly suited for floating, bonded or unbonded construction.

    CemFlo ensures better heating performance by encapsulating pipework to enable consistent heat transfer.

CemFlo complies with EN 13813.


CemFlo is a cement based liquid floor screed.  The screed is a mix of sand, cement, lime filler, water, polypropylene fibres, super plasticiser and shrinkage reducing admixture.  This product is delivered to site using a Readymix concrete truck and transferred into place using a specialised pump.


CemFlo can be force-dried after 7 days using dehumidifiers or underfloor heating system.


A recommended screeding contractor should be used to install CemFlo cementitious liquid screed in accordance with BS 8204-7:2003.  Code of practice: Pumpable self-smoothing screeds.